Golden Light Family Photography Session Colorado Springs

This family session of dear friends was a lesson in waiting. We met at a local hiking spot to find a rare event happening in Colorado Springs: rain! I hopped in their car and suggested that we wait and see if the weather would change (change is the only constant when it comes to Colorado weather). We chatted so furiously that before we realized it, the drops stopped falling. Expecting the rain to return any minute, we ran out and started shooting. I grabbed a couple posed shots and explained that we were going to play the rest of the session… and we did.

There is so much love within this family, I hardly had to say anything at all. It was perfectly natural for them to sit and cuddle, run around holding hands and laugh together. This dreamy evening got even better when the sun poked through the clouds and we got an ideal golden hour (probably more like a golden 15 minutes, but hey, I’m not going to complain). This couple was up to hanging out and taking advantage of the gorgeous light… and we did.

After some light hiking, wandering and mischief making, the light again began to change, this time to a cool blue; the sun was setting. The kids started to get cold (some parents call this clingy, I call this the best cuddle time). When cheeks get pink and hugs are the only way to get warm- this is when I get some of my favorite shots. This night I learned that sometimes, if you just wait, the images will come… and they did.